Facility Management

Facility Management (FM) is a multifaceted discipline to ensure the functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. Risks Control is a leader in FM and have more than 25 years of experience in this area. In Risks Control, FM is always provided through a self-delivery model, which we call Integrated Facility Services.


With the globally increasing demands for Facility Management, we are convinced that our ability to deliver all or most of the service offerings through our own people is critical for securing both the quality and efficiency of the solution. By managing our own staff, we are in a much better position to control, govern and manage each and every part of the services carried out, and we never have to rely on third-party subcontractors to perform at the same high level we do.

Your need, our solution

At Risks Control, we have taken the lead in the field of Facility Management because few other players on the scene have the power to deliver the span and quality of services that we do – and the ability to integrated the services through the our own dedicated service teams..

Risks Control has a long history from being leaders in single services, such as Cleaning and Security Services. But this is not enough for us: our customers see the real advantages of Risks Control when we integrate our services and utilise synergies created.


Our Integrated Facility Management Services include Security Services, Cleaning Services, Catering Services and Support Services.

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