In addition to our scheduled workshops, the Risks Control Professionals can come to you and deliver customized education right in your lab. For many organizations, this option presents several advantages:

  • It’s just for you.We come to your lab, demonstrate safe practices in your work environment using your equipment and work directly with your You may restrict course participation exclusively to members of your organization , or to minimize cost, you may invite people from nearby organizations to join the course being held at your facility .
  • We work with your schedule.Our programs range from one hour to several days. We’ll design a customized package targeted to your needs and budget.
  • It’s more effective.When safety education is delivered on your grounds with the support of your supervisory staff, it makes a deeper impact on your organization.
  • It’s not dry codes and regulations.It’s not just theoretical. It’s real-world lab safety education. Participants can readily apply what they learn to their day-to-day activities.


We can deliver safety education on the following topics in any combination. Fill out the contact form below to start designing a custom package.


Achieving Safety Leadership Excellence

Arc Flash and High Voltage Safety

Art Safety


Auditing Lab Safety Programs

Biological & Animal Hazards

Bio Safety

Chemical Hygiene Officers & Plans

Chemical Spill Control

Close Calls and Near Misses

Compressed Gases

Demonstration Safety/Liability

Disposal of Chemicals

Effective Safety Programs

Electrical Safety

Elementary Science Safety

Emergency Planning

Emergency Action Plans


Eye and Face Protection

Fire Control

Globally Harmonized System

Handling Chemical Reagents

Handling Glassware

Hazardous Materials Shipping DOT

Hazardous Waste Management


Hearing Protection

How to Be a More Effective CHO

How to Convince Others

Inspecting Facilities


Laser Safety

Leadership in Safety

Legal Aspects of Safety

Management’s Role in Safety

Masters of Safety

More Effective HSE Presentations

Needs Assessments

Off-the-job Safety

OSHA Blood borne Pathogens

OSHA Chemical Hygiene Plan

OSHA Hazard Communication

OSHA Laboratory Standard/CHP

Planning Your Safety Program

Radiation Safety


Respiratory Protection

Safety Equipment/PPE

The Safety Game: Fun Training

Safety Information Resources

Safety in STEM and Science Education


Scope of the Problem

Shop Safety

Storage of Chemicals



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