Security & Safety Audits

A Security and Safety Audit conducted by Risk Control is not simply a checklist of what a Client does and does not have in place, but rather an objective, detailed assessment of a facility’s strengths as well as areas in need of improvement providing recommendations for improvement where appropriate.

In order to determine where you need to go, you must first determine where you are. Arbitrarily installing video cameras or hiring a security guard without first identifying and assessing your needs and vulnerabilities can result in misspent amounts and wasted opportunities. A comprehensive and objective Security and Safety Audit will assist you in determining where your strengths are as well as identifying areas in need of improvement.

The audit will generally commence with the assembling of the appropriate resource material and data to include: area and building-level listing of administrators; available area and building-level safety plans; crime and disciplinary data; facility floor plans identifying the locations of alarm, access control, video surveillance equipment etc…, site plans and neighborhood maps.

Consultations with key area and school building level personnel and members of the community will be conducted pursuant to this task to gain more insight into the area security and safety program, resources, chronic problem areas and challenges.

We will conduct a detailed inspection of each facility’s buildings’ interior, exterior and grounds identifying and evaluating conventional security components currently in use as well as identifying any potential areas that are both critical to the safety, security and operation of your facility and vulnerable to a threat or attack.

A formal report in a narrative format will be created identifying your strengths as well as those areas in need of improvement based upon the review of all of the above data collected, interviews conducted and the actual site visits/inspections. The report is organized in the manner displayed in the sample table of contents. Each sub-category begins with a list of your consultant’s observations related to that particular component accompanied by photographs where appropriate and then followed by any applicable recommendations for how the facility may wish to proceed towards improving those areas identified as being in need of improvement. Additional details, comments and supporting documentation may appear as needed at the end of each sub-category to expand upon and justify your consultant’s recommendations.  This report will be quite in depth and detailed but easy to follow and understand.

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